Make like a tree . . .

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: they shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing; Psalm 92:12-14

Are you righteous?  “Righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement, through the shedding of his blood—to be received by faith. . . . This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.”  Romans 3:22

Palm Tree Facts:

  • Palm trees are monophyletic; there are 2,600 species of palm trees, all of which can be traced back to one palm tree. 
  • As a palm tree ages, it become more and more productive. 
  • The older the palm tree is, the sweeter the fruit. 
  • Every bit of a palm tree is used for different purposes. 
  • A palm tree doesn’t have a season; it’s always in season, always green, and continually produces fruit. 
  • Palm trees have vast root systems that spread and grow deep, seeking out water.  The larger the root system is, the taller the tree. 

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, and whose hope is the LORD.  For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters,  which spreads out its roots by the river, and will not fear when heat comes; but its leaf will be green,  and will not be anxious in the year of drought, nor will cease from yielding fruit.”  Jeremiah 17:7-8

  • The palm tree sends from the same root a large number of suckers, which in time, form a forest by their growth. 
  • Palm trees thrive in extreme, adverse conditions. 
  • A group of palm trees in a desert forms an oasis and provides a protective covering for those seeking shelter from a harsh environment. Other species of smaller trees will actually grow in their shade. 

In Revelation, chapter 7, John’s vision of heaven describes there “was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands. And they cried out in a loud voice: ‘Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb.’… “Then one of the elders asked me, ‘These in white robes—who are they, and where did they come from?’ I answered, ‘Sir, you know.’ And he said, ‘These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. Therefore, they are before the throne of God and serve him day and night in his temple; and he who sits on the throne will spread his tent over them. (Like the palm tree.)Never again will they hunger; never again will they thirst. The sun will not beat upon them, nor any scorching heat. For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; he will lead them to springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.'” (NIV) 

Are you righteous?  Then if so . . . no matter what your age or the adversity that surrounds you, you will thrive and stand strong in the midst of adversity, you will produce much good fruit (and even more so as you grow older and more mature in the Lord), the lost and hurting will be drawn to you, and you will make new disciples.

And just as John saw palm branches being used to honor and praise the King of Glory, so should the life of a Christian on earth bring honor, praise and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.


 Hundreds of people lined the streets

to wave palms and celebrate You,

but their motives, self-centered, were for a soon-to-be-king,

who in the natural would come to their rescue.


The thing they were anticipating and celebrating,

in the spiritual, had already begun to happen,

but they perceived it through the flesh with blinded eyes and deceived hearts,

then later joined the crowd who shouted: “Crucify him!”


Oh, Lord, with clean hands and a pure, pure heart . . .

that is how I want to always worship and praise you;

never with ulterior motives or for fleshly gratification.

In spirit and truth, let me wave my palms before you.


So today and every day, let’s make like a tree, shall we?

— Cheri Henderson


About Cheri Henderson

Cheri (Gale) Henderson, a resident of Waynesville, Ohio, acknowledged Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of her life on April 11, 1983. She became a new creation that day, old things passed away and all things became new, and now she lives to bring Him glory. She loves to worship her Savior and she also longs for all men to be saved. Much of her poetry is a reflection of her new heart. She began writing "Lyrics for the Lord" ( the week after she dedicated her life to Christ, and is now a published writer in Billy Graham's "Decision" magazine, many other Christian magazines and periodicals around the world, and most recently, the book "Divine Stories of the Yahweh Sisterhood". Her prayer is that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the words that flow from her pen will permeate the hearts of all who read them, and that lives will be changed forever for the glory of God! "Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit" (II Corinthians 2:17), therefore, you may use any of the poetry displayed herein freely and non-exclusively, for non-profit purposes only (and as long as the author credit remains intact), to perform, broadcast, display or print in complimentary newsletters, church bulletins or the like.
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